Words of Wisdom


The practices of Buddhism have spread all throughout the globe. It was Buddha who actually gave his words of wisdom that have been tried to practice by Buddhists and other people in the global community. In fact, his teachings do not discriminate other’s beliefs. It is because his teachings are true to human conscience. What are the words of wisdom taught by Buddha?

One wisdom of Buddha is to meditate. Buddha meant that meditating is for living a good and healthy life. When one does not meditate, he may be falling into temptation of distress and unhappiness. Meditating is also a sign of happiness meaning free from anxieties and stress.

Another wisdom of Buddha is to show good deeds. All mankind regardless of nationality and culture agree to this teaching. it is human’s nature to praise good deeds. It is also good in the heart of one person to do good deeds whether helping others in the community, or environmental activities, or even helping anyone who needs help that you encounter on your way.

Another Buddha’s wisdom is not to dwell in the past. If one keeps on holding to the past, he can not strain forward which means he will be slave by his past and his plans for the future may be unfulfilled. Therefore, it is always good to forget the past that can hinder your future’s success.

The famous Buddha’s teaching is to be away from ignorance. For him, ignorance is the cause of sufferings that come upon men.