Calmness or Serenity

A lot of people experience depression due to many circumstances around us. Of course all people experience troubles and sorrows in life. It is very sad to say that there is no place where peace and love is found only. On this earth, people have to keep themselves safe and calm as much as possible. Unfortunately, we can not avoid unpleasant circumstances and ugly things in our life. This is why most people try their best to unwind and relax  sometimes no matter what. Most of the time, when people get extremely stressed, they really burst out. In fact, when people can not overcome stresses, pressure, troubles or any troublesome situation, they take away their life. This is actually prone in Eastern Asia. Most young people are put in such dangerous situation when they face failure due to the competitive world. These things actually happen because they lack serenity. However, there are countless people who can manage their life so they can stay calm and safe. Serenity is very important for physical and mental health. So how do people keep themselves calm?

Others do meditation in order get strength. Sometimes, we get pissed off seeing many people hanging out with friends and acquaintances while we are in difficult situations burning out our fats doing our job.  However, some studies prove that hanging out is a physical and mental need. Some people would actually plan for a short vacation to rest from excessive tiredness. Reading and writing would actually help because we bring out our emotions. In these ways, people manage their life so that they would not lose calmness and peace. For students, many fall into depression just because they can not fathom the toughness of life. Calmness is easy to catch if we take a break and relax at times. Of course, no one would really be calm in dangerous situation like disasters. The thing is that these disasters and dangerous phenomena are unavoidable situations. If only we know what is going to happen ahead, we could always find ways to put our life in peace and safety. In situations like these, some people would stay calm maybe because they accept that this is the reality of life.